Work Experience



Most of my job experience has come from working at Administr, a bay area startup focused on using technology to streamline the benefits management process for small businesses.

I work as a full-stack developer, working primarily with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS. My responsibilities include:

  • Designed and developed a web application which streamlines benefits administration for insurance agencies and their clients.
  • Constructed a server system to run said web application.
  • Implemented and managed the complete server, network, and web application setup in a production environment.

January 2015 - Present View the project

Rent 2 Own MO

One of the first freelance projects I took on, I created a web page which was used in an ad campaign. The site provided a form for users to fill out which populated a spreadsheet in Google Sheets when submitted.

For this project, I:

  • Designed and created the homepage of the campaign as a SPA web form.
  • Added front-end (JavaScript) and back-end (PHP) validation for the form.
  • Used the Google Sheets API to load submission data into a collaborative spreadsheet used by the marketing team.
  • Set up email notifications for the clients, sent on form submission.

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