A manager for multiple concurrent IMAP/SMTP connections to mail servers. The application provides an API for control by other applications. Connections are managed in a pool, allowing connections to be persisted and accessed efficiently and quickly.

Imapper was developed for my senior project using the Rust programming language. It provides a simple REST API for managing connections to mail servers, allowing applications to run IMAP and SMTP commands without repeated opening and closing of connections.


A secure instant-messaging system. Privactic utilizes a JavaScript-based PGP implementation to encrypt all messages between users. No plaintext is stored on the server in any form. The project began in a web development course and has been continued as an exercise in practical public key cryptography.

Privactic runs on Node.js with the front-end manipulation being done with jQuery. The application itself is structured as a single-page application, with all content being dynamically loaded from the server. The front-end is being converted to use Vue.js to make the updates to the page during use more efficient than they currently are using jQuery.


A mobile augmentative communication app. AugComm allows users to add images to a grid layout and tap these images to play aloud the word that the image represents. This also began as a class assignment, where I worked in a team of three to create the app within the course of a semester while learning Java, so the app is currently being developed for Android devices.

The purpose of the app and its continued development is to provide an affordable and learnable application for augmentative communication. I have continued working with individuals who have experience with these devices and are developing a website with which this app will interface.